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Why Advertise on our Podcasts?

We create Podcast Ads that Work. PortableVoices Podcast Network is one of the fastest growing podcast network mainly targeting kids, teens and youths between the age of 7 – 35 years. With mentions, segments, and branded shows, PortableVoices Podcast Network collaborates with brands to create original storytelling and and advertising messages that connects with audiences when they’re tuned.

But other than just stats!

Our hosts personalize our message.They capture listeners’ attention, empower them with knowledge, and satisfy their curiosities. Over time, listeners develop a uniquely engaging, intimate, and trusting relationship with your brand that inspires them to act.


of listeners make it to the end of the episode.

Over 65%

of listeners are able to recall brands that advertised on an episode.

Over 50%

of podcast listeners are more likely to buy from a brand after hearing them on a podcast.
Examples Of Our Ads

Mentions are live, trustworthy descriptions of a brand, product, or service spoken by the host or our voice artists. We collaborate with brands to craft adverts that are authentic and ensure that they connect with the audiences who hear them.

:60 sec Mid-Roll Segment | PORTABLEVOICES STUDIOS

Segments are highly-produced original stories that bring the experience of a brand, product, or service directly to listeners. We collaborate with brands to develop thoughtful audio narratives that prove your brands’ value through example.

:60 sec Mid-Roll Segment | HIDAYA DIAPERS

How to Advertise On Podcasts

What is your primary goal or expected outcome? For Direct Response advertisers, this means understanding the cost per acquisition necessary for campaign success, and keeping in mind the typical duration of your sales cycle. For branding campaigns, this means having clear and consistent brand messaging, and appropriate timing and shared values.

Podcast advertising speaks directly to an engaged, loyal and motivated listeners. Guided by your targets, Portablevoices Podcast Network can customize your message to reach audiences aligned with your key demographics, geography and affinities.

Portablevoices Podcast Network can produce high-quality traditional ads, custom content, and multi-platform integrated programs. Our capabilities are versatile, from genuine host-read endorsements for performance-based campaigns and scalable plans that raise brand awareness and consideration.

Measuring impressions and impact is key to understanding your return on investment. PortableVoices Podcast Network offers third party verified delivery data from the industry’s leading host platforms,Such as SoundCloud and Afripods. Our podcast campaigns are accurate and effective, making us a trusted partner. 

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